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Nelson School of Music


獎項評審團推薦獎 Judges’ Special Award;

國家或地區New Zealand紐西蘭

公司/團隊 Irving Smith Architects and Ian Bowman Architect and Conservator

設計師姓名 ( Jeremy Smith 、 Andrew Irving 、 Ian Bowman)


台北設計獎(Taipei International Design Award)45984 歐文-史密斯建築事務所(Irving Smith Architects)和伊恩-鮑曼(Ian Bowman)建築師和文物保護員傑里米-史密斯(Jeremy Smith)、安德魯-歐文(Andrew Irving)、伊恩-鮑曼(Ian Bowman)。 尼爾森音樂學校(Nelson School of Music) 說明 儘管尼爾森音樂學校(Nelson School of Music)被列為1級文化古蹟,並且由紐西蘭第一位建築師 Frederich de Jersey-Clere 於 1895 年設計,但它在海外的知名度卻遠勝於在紐西蘭當地的知名度。全世界最優秀的弦樂演奏家只到這個位於省中心的小禮堂演奏,因為它室內樂的傳聲效果在國際上享譽盛名。 但是,德澤西-克萊爾的禮堂在當地也很重要,自成立以來一直被視作一個教學禮堂,甚至是音樂學校的一部分。然而,透過地震的焦慮和迴避性的改建,禮堂不再是曾經在其住宅社區中的宏偉四邊形建築,一個入口穿透其外牆,裝飾品也被拆除。2011年基督城地震後,建築變成危樓而無法使用;因此,它失去了作為社區中心的地位。 在專案進展5年後,該建築再次對外開放;紐西蘭弦樂四重奏(NZ String Quartet)在此演奏,並宣布音響效果依然很棒;國家廣播電台也在現場錄製影音。更令人難以置信的是,因為今天是星期三,所以還有一個50人的社區合唱團在後台的排練室裡練習歌唱。在這裡,有多年前學習小提琴的淚水和「灰色海洋」,另外還有音樂。 今天也是學校的125歲生日 - 這樣的建築對社區的重要性依然強烈。 Irving Smith和Ian Bowman的遺產保護和加蓋工作在2019-UNESCO-Asia-Pacific-Awards-for-Cultural-Heritage上獲得了傑出獎。 簡介 簡而言之,就是要讓一座重要的建築和學校在當地、國家和國際社會中保持活力。 大禮堂不僅僅加蓋抗震措施,它還被世人重新認識並再次融入社區。新的飾面僅僅是次要的,並被放置在一個開放的空間框架內,以捕捉原來磚牆面上的光線,並為音樂教育提供幫助。 現在,下一代人可再次從禮堂中尋找靈感,然後與他們所崇敬的英雄一樣在演員休息室、練習和舞台空間中學習。 臺北市市長獎,簡報/及社會獎,簡報 以建築學的角度來看,完成飾面裝修就等於是大功告成了,沒有什麼是長久的新事物,事物是會改變的。 尼爾森音樂學校(Nelson School of Music),可能是紐西蘭保護得最嚴密的建築之一,但它已經被重新修整過很多次,包括:煤氣燈、電力供應系統、廁所、防震措施、加蓋...。這次新的整修做了一些不同的工作,其著眼於一些重要的事物。 現在,社區居民都知道要到哪裡去尋找重要的事物。重要的事物也同樣會發生變化。

Taipei International Design Award 45984 Irving Smith Architects and Ian Bowman Architect and Conservator Jeremy Smith, Andrew Irving, Ian Bowman Nelson School of Music Description Despite having Category-1 Heritage status and being designed in 1895 by New Zealand’s first architect, Frederich de Jersey-Clere, the Nelson School of Music remains better known overseas than in NZ. The world’s best string players travel solely to play in this small auditorium in a provincial centre due to its internationally renowned chamber-music acoustics. But De Jersey-Clere’s auditorium is also important locally and has remained a teaching auditorium and part of a music school since conception. However, through seismic anxiety and evasive alterations the auditorium was no longer the grand 4-sided building it once was in its residential community; an entry infilled its façade, its baubles were removed. Post the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes, the building can’t be used; the fit to the community lost. The re-opening is 5 years after the project began; The NZ String Quartet are playing and announce the acoustics remain unbelievable, National Radio are recording live, and incredulously there’s a 50- person community choir practicing in the rehearsal room out the back because it’s a Wednesday. There’s tears and a sea of grey that learned the violin here many years ago. There’s music. It is also the school’s 125th birthday - buildings like this remain important to communities. Irving Smith and Ian Bowman’s heritage conservation and addition work received an Award-of- Distinction at the 2019-UNESCO-Asia-Pacific-Awards-for-Cultural-Heritage. Briefing The brief was simply; keep an important building and school alive in its local, national and international communities. The auditorium is not just seismically strengthened, it is re-acknowledged and re-fitted back to its community. New finishes are secondary and placed within an open-space framework to capture light from the original brick façade and inform musical education. Further generations may now again look to the auditorium for inspiration before learning in the same greenrooms, practice and stage spaces as their heroes. Taipai City Major Award, briefing / and Social Award, briefing Architecture can recognise that being finished is finished. Nothing is new for long. Things change. The Nelson School of Music, may be one of the most protected buildings in New Zealand, but it has been refinished many times; gas lamps, electricity, toilets, seismic anxieties, additions... This new refinishing does something different; it looks to what is important. The community now knows where to look for what is important. Change can occur in relation to what is important.