• 【Awards】 What's the award at the bottom of the registration page?2018/07/05

    In addition to the three major categories of industrial design, visual communication design, and public space design, the 2020 Taipei International Design Award also set up four special cross-category awards including the Taipei City Mayor Award, Advanced Application Award(only for the works which has been in mass production or commercial application to apply), Circular Design Award, and Social Design Award.

    For the description of the award, please refer to the official website's page:


    If your work meets the entry requirements of the award, welcome to submit.



  • 【Registration】 Why the webpage error when uploading my artwork?2018/05/29

    Please make sure your artwork meets the following two conditions:
    1. Please set the file size below 3MB

    2. Please set the picture resolution to 72dpi

    3. Please set the pixels on either side of the image to about 1000pix, for example: 1024*768pix


    If you modify the file according to the above conditions, but still fail to upload,

    please provide us the following information ant mail to:  tida@cpc.tw

    1. your account name and password

    2. the artwork pictures

    3. the artwork name

    We will assist in uploading.

    Then we will notify you to log in to the original system to edit the instructions.

  • 【Registration】 If the work has already won other awards, can I still submit to participate?2018/06/21

    Q:If the work has already won other awards, can I still submit to participate?

    A: Yes.

    As long as the first public release date of the work is after June 30th, 2018.
    No exclusion clauses have been set up.

    Welcome to submit what have already been approved by other design awards.

    Good work deserves more recognition.

  • 【Registration】 How many works can I submit?2014/06/19

    There is no limit for works submit. You can submit each category and also register as individual and as groups both.

  • 【Awards】 How much cash prize does 2020 TIDA provide?2014/04/27

    Total amount for cash prizes is 3.8 million NTD (approximately equal to 122,580USD, subject to current exchange rates).

  • 【Registration】 Should my work need to be presented in English?2014/04/24

    Yes, since the preliminary selection is online selection, in order to help jurors understanding the work correctly, the design concept description must be written in English.


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