Germany 德國

優選 Distinction;

Studio Terhedebrügge
( Julius Terhedebrügge)
重疊塑形設計 FIEDL座椅將一張簡單的椅子併入主人椅的結構,其外形採用了二維表面的切割效果,並利用兩個部件表面的重疊處呈現三度空間的立體感。成型的有機賦存形式透過鋼框架的靜態風格被破壞。鋼架中的漂浮椅套創造出兩種元素間融合的和諧感。

SHAPING BY OVERLAPPING FIEDL - combines a simple chair with a lounge Chair. The shape results from the cutting of a two-dimensional surface. The overlapping of both parts of the surface makes it three-dimensional. The resulting organic form is broken by the static style of the steel frame. The floa- ting seat shell within the steel frame creates harmony between the fusion of the two distinct elements.