World Theatre Festival Shizuoka



優選 Distinction;

太刀川英輔、半澤智朗、水迫涼汰、永尾仁( Eisuke Tachikawa、 Tomoro Hanzawa、 Ryota Mizusako、 Jin Nagao)
WORLD THEATRE FESTIVAL SHIZUOKA是由SPAC(靜岡表演藝術中心)舉辦的年度表演藝術節。作為20週年紀念活動,我們僅負責整體的品牌重塑工作。該活動匯集了戲劇、舞蹈、電影、音樂等不同領域的世界知名表演者。該活動不僅在日本,也在世界各地推廣。'面具'這一關鍵視覺表徵,象徵著劇場與人之間的獨特關係。在像紙一樣撕開的面具下,是不同國籍、不同背景的表演者的面孔,將他們內心的自我展現出來,表達了戲劇藝術的本質。撕紙的一側也被用作活動中的一個裝置。此外,我們還開發了以'WORLD THEATRE FESTIVAL SHIZUOKA'為中心主題的英文標識,並設計了由三個圖標組成的人形圖案。這三個圖標分別代表著地球(WORLD)、國旗(FESTIVAL)和山(SHIZUOKA的富士山)。

WORLD THEATRE FESTIVAL SHIZUOKA is an annual performance art festival organized by SPAC (Shizuoka Performing Arts Center). We are responsible for the overall rebranding of the festival as its 20th anniversary. This event is a gathering of world-renowned performers in diverse fields such as theatre, dance, film, and music, not only in Japan but also to the rest of the world. The key visual of the 'mask' symbolizes the unique relationship between the theatre and the people. Under the mask ripped like paper, are the faces of performers of various nationalities and backgrounds, bringing to light their inner selves, expressing the essence of theatrical art. The torn side of the paper is also used as an installation in the event. We also developed a logo with the English title “WORLD THEATRE FESTIVAL SHIZUOKA” as its central theme, and designed a human-shaped pattern consisting of three icons which mean the earth (WORLD), the flag (FESTIVAL), and the mountain(Mt.Fuji in SHIZUOKA).