K11 Craft & Guild Foundation


Hong Kong香港

優選 Distinction;

Toby Ng Design
( Toby Ng、 Banana Chan、 Tony Leung)
K11 Craft & Guild Foundation工藝文化基金會(KCG)是位於香港的一個非營利性的藝術和文化基金會,以頌揚和保存傳統中國工藝為使命。透過大量復興豐富卻逐漸凋零的技藝,KCG提供一擁護和培育中國新興工藝師的平台,讓這些巧匠得以將傳統工藝持續發揚光大,並為當代工藝和協會團體帶來嶄新的未來。 以技巧和專業知識的概念為中心,工藝文化基金會的品牌識別以錯綜複雜的表現力為主要構想,針對每種工藝作品的精湛技藝賦予其特色。商標呈現出對於中國字「工」的現代詮釋,形成既大膽又簡明的表達方式。細節的部份由英文字標的斜角衍生,是為典型當代藝術作品微妙精煉的例證。 為塑造出一完整的品牌識別,我們推出了一套文具用品搭配全系列的實體和虛擬包裝及出版物。一套四本書的設計以四種不同KCG現前正在宣揚和保存的藝術作品為特色,即廣彩、百寶嵌漆器、石膏製模和木構造建築。此外,我們還特別設計了一只精美的禮物盒用來包裝由細緻廣彩裝飾製成的陶瓷盤。

Founded in Hong Kong, K11 Craft & Guild Foundation (KCG) is a non-profit arts and culture foundation with a mission to laud and preserve traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Through reviving vastly rich yet fading artistry, KCG provides a platform to support and nurture emerging Chinese craftspeople, who build upon tradition and bring forth the future of contemporary craft and guild. Centred around the notions of skill and expertise, the brand identity is conceived upon the expression of intricacies that so often define the mastery required of each craft. The logo presents a modern interpretation of the Chinese character ‘工’ forming a bold yet simple statement. The details are derived from the chamfered corners of the English wordmark, exemplifying the subtle refinement of contemporary artistry. To form a holistic branding identity, a stationery set was created together with an array of packaging and publications in both the physical and digital realms. A set of four books were designed to feature the four types of artistry currently KCG is dedicated to advocate and preserve, namely Guangcai, Baibaoqian, Plaster Moulding and Wooden Architecture. Additionally, a perfectly fitted gift box was carefully devised to encase a ceramic plate decorated in delicate Guangcai.