Eco Expo 2019



優選 Distinction;

Sejong university
金注園( Juwon Kim、 Nakyeong Shin)
「404錯誤訊息」為2019 Eco Expo韓國環保博覽的平面設計作品。糧食沙漠化充分呈現出熟知番茄醬卻不認識番茄原料的新世代族群。我們的海報說明此種食物沙漠化如何扭曲植物的原始概念,進而形成另一種人工選擇的新概念。在這些圖形中,由許多部分組成的像素層不斷重複出現又消失,被毀壞並轉化成新的圖像。透過比例上的改變,後層的圖樣覆蓋了前一層。此狀態代表原始植物和新人選擇觀念的錯誤訊息,恰如網站瀏覽者能夠成功的連結到伺服器,但卻找不到實際上想要的資源那般。

Graphic displayed in 'Eco Expo’. Food desertification introduced a new generation of mankind who knows tomato ketchup but not the tomatoes. Our poster shows how such food desertification deforms the original concept of plants and creates a new concept artificially selected. In the graphics, multiple pixel layers repeat their appearance and disappearance being damaged or transforming into new images. The layer cover up the previous by changing its ratio. This represents the gap between the original plant and the artificially selected new concept as in the 404 error.