優選 Distinction;

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林揚權,李潮藝( LAMIEONGKUN、 Augusto Herculano Ferreira)
IMBALANCE 平衡與失衡,是否有判定的天平? 開往荒誕宇宙的列車將於下午6點啟程, *溫馨提示* 旅程中若感到荒誕不經請習以為常, 祝你旅途愉快。 2020的開啟, 發生了一連串不可思議的事情, 可能過往想像今天的景象, 會感覺是荒謬的、不可思議的。 然而今天的我們, 在過往認為的“荒謬”中, 依然“平凡的”“正常的”生活著。 「IMBALANCE」是荒唐的,亦是真實的。 生活是真實的,亦時刻荒唐著。 孰真孰假,孰是孰非,值得思考。

Is there a scale for judging the balance and imbalance? The train to the absurd universe will depart at 6pm, * warm prompt * Please be accustomed to the absurd atmosphere ff you feel it in this trip, hope you have a good time. At the beginning of 2020, A series of incredible things happened, Perhaps it has seemed absurd and incredible in the past to imagine the current situations today. But today, we are still living in the “common” and “normal”life in the “absurd” that we imaged. “IMBALANCE” is ridiculous, but also true. Life is real, but it is ridiculous at every moment. It is worth thinking about which is true or false, and which is right or wrong.