Lightbox 攝影圖書室 Lightbox Photo Library



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Studio Eki Ong 建築其中
王藝祺( Yichi Wang)
島嶼影像合創社於2016年成立「Lightbox 攝影圖書室」,原址位在古亭金門街,致力打造非營利、自由開放的攝影學習平台。為解決擴遷需求,向北市府活化閒置房地計畫提出申請,以修代租進駐一近台電大樓站、溫羅汀商圈的臨街一層長型空間,期待結合當地藝文氛圍,把攝影文化注入日常。我們於2018年一同投入規劃及改造,2019年5月啟用空間。 本著 “Free to All” 的核心理念,除了讓每個人都能輕鬆地閱讀攝影書籍,也希望透過適切的設計,在相對單一的空間裡,輕巧、永續地創造有別於傳統閱讀空間的豐富體驗,並且激發公共性和多元彈性使用,讓相關講座、討論和社區活動有機會在此發生, 延續城市「鐵窗景」特色,選用台灣常見的輕質工業材料做簡易構築並創造通透介面,藉由視線穿透的「框」串起空間層次,聯繫街巷氛圍至室內,也讓大家一目了然空間次序,並連接室內外地平為連續地面,便於無障礙使用。而書櫃組成的島狀空間,提供相對私密的閱讀角落、路徑及展廊。 為打造一個與台灣攝影文化與時俱進的開放平台,除了透過閱讀和公民參與,空間裡多數是在未來可再利用的材料與傢俱元件,希望在租約到期時,歸還完整完善的空間之外,更可以再次調整移植至下一站,實踐空間的彈性與自由度。

'Lightbox Photo Library' was founded in 2016. It was located in Jinmen Street, Guting, dedicates to create a non-profit, free and open platform of photography. In order to solve the expansion needs, an application was made to Taipei City Government “The Reform Space” project to activate idle space by self-repair instead of rent payment. The site is a rectangular space in the alley, near the Taipower Building Station and Wen-Ro-Ting district, aiming to bring photography into daily life in combination with the local artistic and cultural atmosphere. To achieve the core value of 'Free to All', besides a friendly photobook library for everyone, we attempt to create not only rich reading experiences in a relatively single space through flexible, creative and sustainable design, but also open events, like lectures, discussions and community activities. Inspired by 'iron window' culture of Taiwan, the light industrial materials commonly used in Taiwan are applied in the space. The 'framing' penetrated by the sight lines up the spatial hierarchy to connect the street atmosphere to the interior. Due to transparent space and continuous common ground, it’s friendly and accessible for everyone to visit. By inserting the island-like bookcases, several different reading corners, gallery and reading path are generated in Lightbox. Considering feasibility and adaptability of space, most materials and furniture elements can be recycled or reused in the future. By gently creating Lightbox, a complete space will be returned after the expiration but also it can be adjusted and move to the next location freely. More than a library, it’s an open platform that keeps pace with photography culture in Taiwan.