Ozora to Daichi Nursery Myogadani 天空和大地的保育園 茗荷谷園


評審團推薦獎 Judges’ Special Award;

KINO architects KINO architects

Nursery school for 6 grades for 0-5 years old. Built in Bunkyo-ku Tokyo cultural district which is full of green and nature, between the Shinobazu Street and the children's park on the north. These days the parks take over the garden for resolving the need for nursery in Tokyo, but in our case, we treated the garden as the base of this area and lends it to other children. Open the nursery to the park through the balcony, capture the green of the park and again release the space to the city through the park. We aim to connect the nursery to the city with both direct and indirect methods. The plan of each floor is opened and surrounded by the balcony, and with a corridor going through it for organizing the childcare sequence and basic services efficiently. Also, the balconies of each floor are also turned out as a vertical-external circulation system, which let the children and teachers easily engage with the nature and approach the garden. We created a symbolic shape for the ceiling of each room or space, and extend it to the external balcony towards to the existing park and the trees there. On the city side, we also provide a special attitude for the facade toward the main street. In Tokyo, such a dens city full of the pressure from the buildings and structures surrounding, we intentionally “made” the northern facade turn out with an expression of shadow that has no sense of heaviness from a distance. When you come close, it shows a quite rich perception and experience in spite of using of ready-made product that is cement fireproof board painted with dark green. The facade of street comes out as division of the nursery building and the street, and also a monumental object.