REMA turns 18


優選 Distinction;

Doretta Rinaldi
REMA is the only representative network for Early Music in Europe and it now boasts a membership of 86 organisations in 21 European countries. Its main aim is to act as a network for its members, encouraging the exchange of knowledge, information and co-operations in the early music field. REMA has turned 18 in 2018 and decided to celebrate with a set of institutional gadgets: tote bags, notebooks, pencils and a blue elastic, to keep everything together, and in order. A unique kind of graphics has been specifically designed for the occasion. Everything starts from the number 18. Not a whatever number, but a customised lettering made of stripes and balloons. Stripes remind to music and music scores. Balloons symbolise the idea of networking, cooperation, dialogue and artistic exchange between REMA and its Members, between REMA Members and their public. The wide use of diagonal is connected with REMA institutional image, which is completely based on diagonal cuts and elements in motion. Than the colour: black and white (music is black and white!) with a touch of blue here and there (blue is REMA corporate colour). Happy bday, REMA!