World travel adapter : Alpha by SKROSS®



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Jacob Jensen Design
SKROSS®阿爾法旅行萬用插座 來自瑞士的精密科技及高品質標準結合美學功效和北歐風格的前瞻設計:SKROSS與Jacob Jensen雅各布.延森品牌合作碰撞出新的火花,創造純然、高雅且經久耐用的達人款旅行萬用插座。 阿爾法旅行萬用插座是當前SKROSS®系列中最出類拔萃的旅行萬用插座產品,其所能承受的最大電流為10 安培。此款高效能的多國萬用轉接頭可同時搭配高功率電器用品如筆記型電腦和吹風機一起使用。 與七種不同的插頭插座形式相容 (歐洲、澳洲/中國、英國、美國、瑞士、義大利、巴西),適合來自世界各地的旅人使用。 採用純淨極簡的北歐風設計,阿爾法旅行萬用插座自然忽略了USB(通用串行總線)接口。 不僅如此,這款旅行轉接頭更稱得上是SKROSS®品牌的完美體現。 SKROSS®阿爾法旅行萬用插座附有一只硬殼包裝盒,用以保護適接器於旅行途中發生之碰撞。 多重優點加上現代化的包裝設計,對喜愛時尚旅行的人來說,SKROSS®阿爾法旅行萬用插座無疑是最與眾不同的專屬禮品和伴手禮。 為確保最高使用者安全,SKROSS®阿爾法旅行萬用插座是第一個取得三重認證的旅行用萬國轉接器產品,並通過德國技術監督協會的測試,符合下列幾項安全標準: •國際電機工業委員會IEC國際標準60884-2-5:2017 •英國安全新標準BS 8546:2016 •德國電氣工程師協會VDE認證0620-500-1:2016 此外,此款適配器並具備雙重安全機制: 一條能乘載10安培的保險絲(不可更換),以防適接器因短路或電流過載而損壞。 一熱熔斷路器,用於防止產生過熱的情況。當其超過可承受之溫度時,適接器會自動關閉。待冷卻一小段時間後便可再次進行使用。

ALPHA by SKROSS® Swiss precision and highest quality standards combined with the aesthetic efficiency and the forward-thinking of Scandinavian design approach: that’s the result of the collaboration between SKROSS and Jacob Jensen design, for the creation of a pure, elegant, and made to last, ALPHA travel adapter. Alpha by SKROSS® is the most powerful world travel adapter in the current SKROSS® range with a maximum load of 10 A. This high-performance world adapter can be used with even the most powerful devices such as laptops and hair dryers. It is compatible with 7 different socket standards (EU, AUS/CHN, UK, USA, CH, IT, BRA) and can be used by travellers from all over the world. The Alpha by SKROSS® is made with the clean and minimalistic Scandinavian design approach and therefore, does not have USB ports. Furthermore, it is the true embodiment of what SKROSS® does best: Travel Adapters. Alpha by SKROSS® comes with a hard-shell case to protect the adapter when travelling. With its many advantages and modern packaging, the Alpha by SKROSS® is a unique gift and souvenir for everyone who loves to travel in style. To ensure the highest user safety, Alpha by SKROSS® is the first world travel adapter to be Triple-certified. Tested by TÜV, it fulfils the following safety standards: • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC 60884-2-5:2017) • British Standard (BS 8546:2016) • German Standard (VDE 0620-500-1:2016) In addition, it comes with a double safety mechanism: • 1 x safety fuse 10 A (not replaceable) for protection against excess current/short circuits • 1 x thermal cut-off for protection against overheating. When the permitted temperature is exceeded, the adapter switches off. After a short cooling-off period, the adapter can be used again