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【Promotion】 2015 Taipei International Design Award~Bring the wonderful imagination to this world

2015 Taipei International Design Award
Bring the wonderful imagination to this world 
After the long professional selection by our international judges, the winners list of 2015 Taipei International Design Award had finally released. 
Following is a list of all big winners:
Taipei City Mayor Award
Gold Award of Visual Communication Design
Judges’ Special Award
•「Flohribi — Fleamarket at the bar Ribingurmu」,sharply spreading the promoting message with its clear communication language. 
By Steffen Knoell from Germany

Universal Design Award
•「S.JOAO STRUCTURE」, brings the community together with mutual creativity. 
By FAHR 021.3- Hugo Reis、Filipa Frois Almeida from Portugal
Gold Award of Industrial Design
「Portable Vest IV」, its design intention to prove mobility for patients and hospital with help, elderly patients and people with different injuries kind to move around by this portable vest IV.
By Han Ji Sun from South Korea
Gold Award of Public Space Design
「Doshisya Kyotanabe Chapel」, this design brings the brand new look of the city and also leads the architectural field to a new world. 
By Yoshihito Kashiwagi from Australia, Olivia Shih from Taiwan and Koichi Kashiwagi from Japan
Taiwanese designers also earned the recognition and awarded one of the top prizes,
Silver Award of Industrial Design
「Personal rescue kit-Personal portable light rescue kit」,this design preserved the most important part of rescue kit, which makes the personal rescue approaching effectively using the shortest time to meet the highest emergency rescue. 
By Wen-Chieh Lee、Yi-Nong Huang
Bronze Award of Industrial Design
Judges’ Special Award
「123D PENS」, interesting transition form between 2D-3D makes the difference of people’s impression of pen.
By Tung-Po Tsai
This year, Taipei International Design Award has recognized from ICSID, ico-D and IFI, has become the full-perspective international design competition. 
Entries for 2015 Taipei International Design Award were 4,246 pieces from 59 countries in total, with 68 different prizes included, cross-category Taipei City Mayor Award and Universal Design Award, Gold, Silver and Bronze Award from each category, ico-D Special Award, IFI Special Award, Judges’ Special Award, People's Choice Award and Distinction from each category. 
With competitive and creativity through all the selection, meanwhile hope it will bring the wonderful imagination to this world.
Go visit the official website to see the list of the winners: