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【Notice】 2017 Taipei International Design Award: Open calls for entries. Submission opens from April 28 till July 28


From April 28 onwards, 2017 Taipei International Design Award will start receiving submissions from designers across the globe. This year sees the 10th anniversary of the Taipei International Design Award, inviting works for four major categories, three of them repeated from previous years: Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Public Space Design, plus one new category: Social Design, in hopes that designers will work under the premise of creating public interests and applying design thinking, given limited resources, to shed light on social issues pending urgent improvement, with design approaches at the core to solve problems inevitably confronting the people, society or city, while exercising the impact of design. In addition, the Taipei City Mayor Award, being integral to an urban intent, is a cross-category honorary award and will be selected out of all finalists and presented to the outstanding design that contains substantial value, able to make tangible contribution and is uniquely representative of the city. Taipei City Government extends its invitation to designers from all over the world to join in and vie for the highest honor.   

Over the years, Taipei City Government has been devoted to shaping Taipei into a city with design visions and has been continuously conveying to those with a passion for design and creativeness the urban branding of “Design Taipei; Dream Taipei.” In this spirits, the Taipei International Design Award, over the years, has received accreditation from three major international design organizations: World Design Organization (WDO), International Council of Design (ico-D) and International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI). In 2016, we received over 4000 entries from up to 60 countries. The Judge Panel consists of some 20 international design specialists from Taiwan and overseas, and Taipei International Design Award is thus viewed in the international community as the landmark platform for design competitions. This year we continue to extend invitation to design experts from all sectors to participate in the building for a city branding imagery.  

Worth mentioning is the newly added category, Social Design Award, in the 2017 Taipei International Design Award, in a bid to encourage designers to contemplate on the meaning of design and to see design as a problem-solving tool, that is, to solve problems inevitably confronting the general public, the society or the city, by way of design thinking. Such is the spirits of “Design for Adaptive City”, where Social Design delivers its impact in concrete terms and further manifests in life the ethos of Taipei International Design Award.

2017 Taipei International Design Award encourages the use of design to improve urban developments in terms of the economy, community, environment and culture, while providing the general public better life quality with more safety, harmony and convenience. Submissions open from April 28 to July 28 2017. Please go to our official website www.taipeidaward.taipei for more details on the competition, or contact Mr. Wu on 02 2698 2989 ext. 2642 for further enquiries. 

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