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Oh Yes!


Prizes 評審團推薦獎 Judges’ Special Award;

Country/Region Iran 伊朗


Designer ( Hossein Gholami)


本書由Hossein Gholami所設計,旨在提供橫跨全球的歷史脈絡,尤其為介紹中東和伊朗的當代歷史發展。換言之,本書收錄了十大聞名全球的西方世界樂譜。這些音樂作品曾試圖藉由提升西方國家的政治和文化體系,以期為西方諸國帶來更多的舒適與進步。例如平克.佛洛伊德樂團的經典歌曲「迷牆上的另一塊磚」便徹底改革了美國的教育體系。為設計這本書,Hossein Gholami嘗試透過使用新聞和報紙上的插圖和拼貼畫,搭配這些歌曲的歌詞來傳達中東地區的文化和社會問題,以及國際針對東方和中東族群等議題。這些附有歌詞的插圖以三種不同的語言作為設計,包含波斯語、阿拉伯語和英語等,並被印製成限量的出版物。 本書在十一個月前由Hossein Gholami本人親自於伊朗的伊斯法罕藝術大學發表於世。

This book is designed by Hossein Gholami whit the aiming of providing history on a global scale, especially Introducing the contemporary history of Middle East and Iran. In other words, in this book is selected ten music of west world which has a reputation in world. This musics were trying to improve the political and cultural system of Western countries in order to create comfort and progress for Western countries. For example: Pink Floyd's song 'Another Brick in the Wall', which makes largely revolutionized the American education system. To design this book Hossein Gholami has tried to convey the cultural and social problems of the Middle East and international problems to the people of the East and the Middle East by using the illustration and collage of newspapers and news and using the lyrics of these songs. These illustrations with lyrics were designed in Persian, Arabic and English and printed in limited numbers. This book was presented in Isfahan University of Arts in Iran by Hossein Gholami 11 month ago.