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P.SAR-搜救犬職傷防護用具 P.SAR-SAR Dogs' Occupational Injury Defend


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Taiwan 臺灣

Company/Group 魯拉拉汪汪

Designer 許齊芳、周虹伶、楊淯軒( Hsu,Chi-Fang、 Zhou,Hong-Ling、 Yang,Yu-Shiuan)


搜救犬日常的活動量非常大,有一大部分的訓練需要龐大的肌肉力量,尤其常需上下跑跳,所以牠們如同人類一樣會面臨職業傷害。然而不是受了傷才需要照顧,長期的過度訓練會導致他們肌肉緊繃,後期也容易有關節退化的症狀,平常就把關健康,才可以提升搜救犬的能力及降低受傷機率。   因此,P.SAR為一款搜救犬職傷防護套組,以日常防護為目標,讓搜救犬們從訓練時就開始預防,針對搜救犬日常訓練時以及訓練過後和災區工作的休息時段,採氣壓按摩的方式為犬隻舒緩緊繃肌肉,並搭配生理機能檢測器,來隨時偵測生理數據,幫助設計合適的運動計畫,以維持良好的身體狀態並獲得更完善的照護。   按摩用具採氣壓的方式,以形成最佳包覆性,因空氣的反覆灌注與釋放對犬隻產生施力,且可藉由氣壓的變化控制力道,以不超過4盎司適用於犬隻的力道避免犬隻受傷。內層採順應肌肉紋理的構造,並搭配分區充氣,可針對較緊繃之區塊加強舒緩,使按摩的功效達到最大值,並透過肌電位檢測布料將肌肉狀況傳至APP。

SAR dogs have huge daily activity contents. Most of the training needs huge muscle strength, especially going up and down regularly. So just like humans, they will also have occupational injuries. Long-term overtraining will cause muscle tension, and even joint degeneration, so we should protect dogs before they are injured. If we take care of their health more usually, we can improve their ability and reduce the probability of injury.   Therefore, P.SAR, a set of SAR dogs' occupational injury defend, sets daily defend as a goal. It starts the prevention in their training period, about the resting time after the training and their work at disaster areas. The design can help dogs relax their muscle tension by using air pressure massage, which combined the massage with the physiological detector to detect their physical data, in order to help them maintain favorable body condition.   The massage utensil uses air pressure to form the best covering. The repeated of inflating and deflating will bring force to the dog, but remember the strength should be under 4oz to avoid dogs from getting hurt. The internal layer conforms to the vein lines of dogs' muscle, and combines with inflatable partitions to let the efficacy of massage reach the maximum. Besides, the smart fiber inside can transfer the status of their muscles to the app.