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安全警示环卫头盔 360°Safe Helmet


Prizes 優選 Distinction;最佳人氣獎 People's Choice Award ;

Country/Region China中國大陸

Company/Group Southeast University

Designer 任书豪、王紫静( Shuhao Ren、 Wang Zijing)


概念描述 环卫工人警示头盔是一款保护环卫工人生命安全的装置。该装置可以投影 一个警示环到地面上,在黑暗的环境中,对交通司机起到提醒作用,保护 环卫工人免受交通事故伤害。同时也具有头部保护的作用。既可以单独使 用,也可以与帽子一起使用。 创新点: 1、本作品相对于传统头盔而言, 加入了感应激光投影灯。采用了三个激 光投影灯,可以投出一个环状警示环,起到很好的警示效果。更加适应凌 晨、夜晚、多雾等昏暗的环境。保护环卫工人头部的同时,加入警示功能, 从而达到双重保护的效果。这一点时传统头盔无法做到的。 2、本作品的另一个创新点在于形状的改变,采用环形。更加轻便。环状设 计使得其更加便携。更适应环卫工人这样一个高负荷、高强度及高温作业的工种。 3、环形的另一个好处在于可以适应不同季节。不仅适合炎热的夏季,而且 在比较冷的北方冬季,可以将其套在帽子上,与帽子一起使用。

The 360°Safe Helmet is a device to protect the safety of sanitation workers. The 360°Safe Helmet can project a warning ring to the ground, alerting drivers in dark conditions and protecting sanitation workers from traffic accidents. Also has the head protection function in the daytime. It can be used alone or with a hat. According to the investigation, many accidents of sanitation workers are caused by dim light. Most sanitation worker accidents occur in dark environments. The existing sanitation workers' clothing plays an obvious role in the daytime, but it is difficult to be noticed by car drivers in the dark, early morning or foggy environment, which leads to the frequent accidents of sanitation workers. On the other hand, there are few helmets designed specifically for sanitation workers. 1. Compared with the traditional helmet, this product USES LED projection lamp controlled by light induction. Three LED projection lights can throw a circular warning ring, which has a good eye-catching effect. 2. Another innovation of this work is the change of shape. Use ring shape, more light. The ring shape design makes it more portable and suitable for sanitation workers, who work in a high-load, high-intensity and high-temperature environment 3. Another benefit of the ring is that the helmet can be adapted to different seasons. It is not only suitable for the hot summer, but also in the cold northern winter, it can be put on the hat and used together with the hat.