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三輪消防水泵車 TRIPUM


Prizes 臺北市市長獎 Taipei City Mayor Award;

Country/Region Taiwan 臺灣

Company/Group Messy鐵人

Designer 張宇良、朱振奇( Zhang Yu Liang、 Chen-Chi, Chu)


火災成長主要分為三個階段。初期為火災引燃時期,一般被動消防設施均在此階段偵測並做動,火災若無法於此階段撲滅,則會進入成長期,此時熱、煙與火均會快速成長,容易造成生命與財產之損失。當火勢持續擴大,火災極有可能進入閃燃階段,或者直接到達旺盛期,火勢要撲滅的困難度與財產的損失將難以想像。 設計理念將電動摩托車搭載加壓水泵,搭配驅動模組與加壓水泵切換系統,具備使用消防栓水源加壓救火的功能。由於摩托車的體型小,在都市通勤的機動性高,不僅可以穿梭車陣,也能輕易地進入消防車無法抵達的狹小巷弄,抵達火場的時間與位置更快速精準。

There are three main stages of fire growth. The initial stage is the fire ignition period. Generally, passive fire protection facilities detect and act at this stage. If the fire cannot be extinguished, it will enter the growth stage. Heat, smoke and fire will grow rapidly, which is easy to cause loss of life and property. When the fire continues to expand, the difficulty of extinguishing the fire and the loss of property will reach the extreme. The electric drive module is connected with water pump, so that the motorcycle is equipped with a pressurized pump and has the function of shooting water for fire. Due to its small size and high mobility in urban commuting, motorcycles can not only conquer traffic jam, but also easily enter narrow alleys that fire engines cannot reach. The time and location of arriving at the fire scene can be faster and more accurate. In urban areas, it is more dominant than ordinary fire engines.