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M+ 敢探號 2020 視覺形象 M+ ROVER 2020 Visual Identity


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Hong Kong香港


Designer 毛灼然( Javin Mo)


「M+敢探號」是香港M+視覺文化博物館策劃的流動創作教室及展覽空間,這輛特製拖車載着其年度主題展覽穿梭於校園與社區之間,學生在此與創作人交流合作。2020至2021年計劃以小學師生為對象,讓「M+敢探號」駛進小學校園。 主視覺形象體現了參與的香港藝術家王天仁以「拾」為創作概念,拼湊各種日常生活中所見的人、事和物。並邀請來自音樂、有機農業和建築等不同範疇的合作伙伴一起參與工作坊,與學生一同「動手發問」,從習以為常的事物尋根究底。《拾萬個為甚麼?》既是藝術家的作品名稱,也是平面設計的概念延伸,亦是踏足小學校園前的提問,鼓勵藝術家、小學師生及策展團隊時刻敢於發問,以探索我們身邊的這個世界。

M+ ROVER is a Travelling Creative Studio initiated by M+, Hong Kong’s new museum of visual culture, featured an annual thematic exhibition on its tours to local schools and community spaces. The 2020-2021 year’s programme is designed for primary schools, providing a platform for students and cultural practitioners to engage in creative dialogue as they inspire and learn from one another. The visual identity represents Hong Kong participating artist Wong Tin Yan’s concept of ‘cut and paste’ and bricolage (a DIY-style work made by putting together various on-hand materials). Wong will create an educational bricolage by inviting different collaborators—from musicians to chefs to architects—to join him in the M+ Rover tours. The graphic design foregrounds the question ‘Yes But Why?’, the title of the artist’s work. This is the question we want to have in mind when entering the primary school campuses, as it encourages the artist, students, teachers, and M+ team to challenge and explore the world around them.