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相 Phase


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Taiwan臺灣


Designer 陳品丞( Chen Ping-Chen)


「相」意指外在的面貌、行為看起來的狀態。每個人的「相」,衣著、穿戴物應該是影響比例最高的因素,也是自我的一種投射。在我的作品中,我將每個穿戴物件視為性別符號的最小單位,這些物件便是不同集合內的元素。而物件即使相同、也會因不同組合產生不同結果。我在各大成衣銷售網站上蒐集了3729個穿戴物件,透過不同的組合方式,試著在作品裡混合性別概念中不同集合間的「異中有同、同中有異」。 「相」作品分為兩個部分,其一是「心由相生-面貌」,探討單一個體中包含多少性別外在的既定印象,以及既定印象如何反過來構成、定義個體。我藉著銷售網站上「男」、「女」的分類,取其穿戴物各組了「男」、「女」的面孔,再以各半的比例組了骷髏頭,也就是性別再往前回推一個抽象的概念:人類(Human)。而在「森羅萬相-共生」中,我著眼在群體的集合關係,以男、女各50套衣著(穿戴物件)象徵不同的人,製作了100株不同高矮、彎直、大小,像是植物的生命體。以大致的色彩進行10個分類,最終集合為一個多彩的光景。我認為,狹義的性別框架不過是分類的一種,單一個體的身份認同(Identity)應有更多幽微、曖昧的可能性。

“Phase” is which refers to the appearance and apparent behavior of an individual. Clothing and accessories are one of the most crucial factors in the “phase” of each individual as well as being a form of self-expression. In this project, accessories were regarded as basic units of gender, which constitute elements within a set. Two identical sets of accessories may result in different outcomes according to the patterns of their combination. For this project, I collected 3,729 accessories from various websites selling clothing and combined them in various patterns to blur the concepts of male and female gender, thereby expressing the concept of “similarities within differences and differences within similarities” among various sets. “Phase” comprises two parts. The first part, titled “From Outside to Inside—Appearance,” presents several established symbols of gender and the construction and definition of the individual by these symbols. The accessories were used to form the faces of a man and woman according to their gender classification in the aforementioned sales websites, and the skeletons of the man and woman were assembled at proportions of 50% each to present “humans” as an abstract concept before introducing gender. The second part, titled “From Single to Multiple—Symbiosis ,” focuses on the “set” relationship in a group of people. A group of 50 men and 50 women wearing unique clothing symbols (accessories) formed 100 lifeforms of varying heights, curvatures, and sizes, with diversity similar to that observed in plants. The lifeforms were divided into 10 categories according to color to create a colorful scene. To me, gender is only a type of classification, and subtlety and ambiguity are inherent in the identity of each individual.