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Camping Kit Nestbox for Egoé


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Czech Republic捷克共和國

Company/Group studio 519 for Egoé

Designer ( Radek Hegmon、 Bob Novotný)



The Nestbox is the core element of the Egoé nest product family that quickly converts your car/van into a comfortable camper just in a few minutes. Designed to be placed in the trunk, it consists of a main sturdy frame with drawers, space for cooker, a water module with changable shower extension, a portable fridge, optional textile bags, and foldable bed. All materials used in the car camping kit are resistant, comfortable, easy to clean and maintain. The Nestmattress deserves a closer look. It was developed specifically for sleeping in a vehicle and meets these requirements: must be easy to store, lightweight, heat- and UV-resistant, ready for use even on the meadow or on the beach. The design and development team spent a lot of time testing functionality of the preliminary prototypes while travelling outdoors, made numerous improvements thanks to their valuable findings. In the end they carefully chose the color schemes to make the traveller’s experience as pleasant as possible.The main challenge was to come up with a new design of highly functional and durable camping kit and respect already existing visual language of the car interior/s. Designers from studio 519 believe that Egoé Nestbox camping kit is more than a product for travellers –– it is an 'experience generator'.