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Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Israel 以色列

Company/Group Ningbo MYWAY Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.

Designer ( Nimrod Riccardo Sapir、 Lu Lingyun(Leon)、 Wei Zhang(Weshell))


面對市面上百百種的電動自行車,我們最大的挑戰不外乎是要想出一個創新的點子配上視覺化效果方能從眾中脫穎而出並引發公眾興趣。我們的目標是在同一個基本平台內為來自四方各地、須遵守不同交通規則的各式使用者提供新的微型移動工具。OZO能由一助力自行車搖身一變成為一台電動自行車,並用腳凳取代了鏈條和傳統踏板。 OZO電動自行車是一由INOKIM出產的靈活電動自行車裝置,具有一標誌性且辨識度高的特殊外形設計,其靈感源自電火花和字母Z的形狀。從車架上可清楚看出字母Z的形象展現,由連續的線條將所有其他自行車的特色組件,好比自行車的方向盤、前輪、後電動輪、座椅及踏板連成一體,而前後兩個輪子則分別表示字母O的形狀。易於拆卸的鋰離子電池本身為車架中的一組成部分,使用者可於室內進行充電時將自行車留在室外,或使用充飽電的電池進行更換以延長自行車的騎乘距離。OZO電動自行車同時設有一後避震系統,在無須改變其外形且於經行道路或不平坦之表面的情況下增加騎乘的舒適程度。模組化運用是OZO電動自行車的另一個特點。使用者可將它轉換為一台助力電動自行車或沒有踏板的機器腳踏車進行使用。OZO電動自行車在相同的基本設計中便同時包含這兩種配置方式,因此使用者得依照自身喜好或當地的交通規則選擇其中任一種騎乘模式。附設的液晶螢幕更提供與電路系統、速度、電池狀態相關之資料及其他詳細資訊。

Hundreds of different e-bikes exist in the market. The challenge was to come up with an innovative concept and a new visualization to stand out from the crowd and raise public interest. Our goal was to provide a new micro-mobility tool within the same basic platform for diverse users in various regions that have different regulations. OZO can transform from a pedal-assisted bike to a fully electric bike with footrests in place of a chain and pedals. The OZO e-bike is a flexible electric bicycle by INOKIM. It is designed to be an iconic and recognized object with a unique shape inspired by the shape of an electric spark as well as the letter 'Z'. The 'Z' is reflected in the frame which is designed as one main continuous line connecting all the bicycle features together such as the steering, front wheel, rear motorized wheel, seat, and pedals, while the two wheels symbolize the letter 'O'. The lithium-ion battery being an integral part of the frame is easily detachable and allows the user to leave the bike outside whilst charging the battery inside or replace it with a new recharged battery to extend the bikes range. The OZO also holds a rear suspension within its natural shape which allows for a smooth ride on roads and uneven surfaces alike. Another unique character of OZO is that it can be modular and be used either as a pedal-assisted e-bike or a moped without pedals. These two configurations are available within the same basic design. The user can choose between either option for his riding preferences or according to his local regulations. An LCD screen provides data on the electric system, speed, battery condition, and other information.