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Share the Joy of Floral


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Hong Kong香港

Company/Group studiowmw

Designer 王文匯、李婥婷、張偉明( wong man wu sunny、 lee cheuk ting、 cheung wai ming)


利是封設計- 我們試圖想像利是封的可能性,它們是否僅限於帶紅色和 古老的圖案?如果我們能在現代為這種傳統文化帶來創新的美學呢? 我們的概念源自不同的花語,每種花代表不同祝福語,可以與心愛的人分享。我們將概念轉化為花瓶中的花朵。您可以拉出外套(花瓶)以顯示祝福語。不同款式的袖子可以互換,配對並創建自己喜歡的版本。背面裝有小機關,可以直立變成餐桌的裝飾。 我們希望觀眾能享受成相成對的祝福,並彼此分享祝福,幸福和設計之美。 每個紅色小包均採用友邦洋紙的優質花紙製成,他們一直支持本地設計行業的創新40多年,利是封採用從激光切割, 3d壓花等等印刷效果製成。我們希望通過設計將這種傳統文化,轉化為現代收藏品。 該包裝在市場上收到了很大回響,在產品發布當天售出了100套。設計還被中國,台灣和新加坡等世界各地的眾多設計平台所報導。

Share the joy of floral We try to imagine the possibilities of the red packet, are they only limited to reddish colour and fancy patterns? What if we could bring an innovative aesthetic to this traditional culture in modern time. We come up with the concept of the meaning of different floral, each represents different blessing that could share with the beloved one throughout the year. We transfer the concept into flowers in the vase. You could pull sleeves (the vase) out to unveil a blessing note. With interchangeable sleeves, you could pair and create a version that you loved. Equipped with a stand at the back, the red packets could be transformed into a blessing standee as table decor. We truly hope the audience could enjoy blessings come in pairs, and share blessing, happiness and beauty of design to each other. Each red packet is made with quality fancy paper from Polytrade, who have been supporting the innovation of local design industry for more than 40 years, the packet is made in various premium printing effects, from laser cut to 3d embossing. we hope to convey this traditional value in modern time by turning it into modern collectibles. The packet received viral feedback on the market, more than 100 psc were sold on the day of product launch, the design has also been featured on numerous design platforms around the world in China, Taiwan and Singapore.