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Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Macao澳門

Company/Group indego design

Designer 林揚權、李潮藝( LAMIEONGKUN、 Augusto Herculano Ferreira)


2020年是中國農曆新年的“鼠年”,在農曆新年的傳統下我們都會給親人,朋友,家人等一份祝福。適逢“鼠年”設計出新年賀卡套裝,圍繞鼠年主題創作了12款不同的插畫及應用Risograpgh /孔版印刷賀卡,包裝上結合兒時家家戶戶戶常見的白底紅綠字經典米袋設計包裝,我們還在澳門各米店收集各種廢棄的米袋布料循環再作賀卡包裝,再賦與產品新的生命,最後全手工印製縫線拼裝。 希望可把手寫的溫度,情感透過賀卡傳遞給對你重要的人。我們設計出發點希望可透過物料復刻兒時家家戶戶常見的白底紅綠字經典米袋設計包裝,喚醒起兒時大家都會去傳統米店買米的回憶。在包裝上是傳承,更是勾起大家兒時一個個有溫度的回憶。

'The year for rat' of the Chinese Lunar New Year is in 2020, and we always give relatives, friends, family a blessing in traditional lunar new year. At 'the year for rat', card sets of new year are designed, 12 different illustrations are created and Risograpgh / hole-printing cards are applied around the theme of “the year for rat”. On the packaging, the design and package of classic rice bags with red-green characters on white background are combined. Meanwhile, we have collected various discarded rice bags in Macao's rice shops to recycle and create cards’ packaging, give new life to products, and print stitches and assemble by hands. It’s hoped that convey the handwritten temperature and emotion to those people who are important to you. In traditional Lunar New Year, Cantonese regard 'rice' as prosperity. As a result, we have collected various discarded rice bag fabrics in Macao's traditional rice shops, and then screen print the patterns by hand, and finally assemble them by hand sewing on the card packaging. Our design’s point is to reproduce classic rice bags with white background, red and green characters, which are common in childhood, so as to wake up people’s memories who went to traditional rice shops to buy rice when they were children. “Heritage” is in the packaging, which reminds people memories with temperature in childhood.