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Prizes 銀獎 Silver Award;評審團推薦獎 Judges’ Special Award;

Country/Region Japan日本

Company/Group NOSIGNER

Designer 太刀川英輔 、李妮燕( EISUKE TACHIKAWA、 NIYEN LEE)



As of 2020, COVID-19 has spread worldwide, restricting economic activities and impacting our lives. Some infected patients become seriously ill, and medical facilities are on the verge of collapse in some countries. The shortage of medical protective equipment such as respirators, masks, and face shields became an urgent problem that should be solved for patients and healthcare workers. We created a simple solution, a face shield that can be made from an A4-sized clear file for this situation. This face shield is simple and innovative, which can be made in about 30 seconds by putting the patterned paper in a clear file and cutting it along the line with scissors. This design resonated with many people and has been used in a variety of settings. In addition, it has become a major movement that has resulted in a large number of face shields made not only in Japan but also in the United States, France, South Korea, Thailand, and other countries’ medical institutions. This project, which proposed an open-source design to society in response to the shortage of medical protective equipment, demonstrated to the world that we believe, good design is to create maximum social impact with minimum resources.