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Kata Monitor Arms Range


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region United Kingdom 英國


Designer ( Webb Associates)


卡塔為一擁有超過一百種人機操縱距離配置方案的螢幕支架,能提供比其他系統更多的彈性空間。本項產品的最大特點在於其運轉的質量。我們設計了一獨特的重量補償氣彈簧機制,使用者可藉此裝置進行調整以滿足各種螢幕重量需求,使產生更為平穩一致的運作。 融合最高模組化並同時保有機能性和美感是我們的關鍵目標。可互換之配件讓使用者能隨意縮放此系統,根據其特定需求進行量身配置。創新部分包含專利申請中的中央握軸,能將支架放置於任何需要之處,以及一個能額外提供9.5英吋水平調整的滑動裝置。ESI便是為最早發明一專利型滑桿的品牌。 考慮卡塔作為一長時間的使用工具,產品採用了純淨無聲的美感設計。我們設想傳遞一種現代感和專注感,因而去除所有不必要的細節部分。除須用於必要的連接支撐外,此產品並未納入其他可見的固定裝置。考慮周全的尺寸大小為簡化安裝,以節省時間和金錢;此特性尤其有助於大型設置。卡塔不僅可完全回收再利用,更包含易拆解的概念設計。

Kata is an ergonomic range of monitor arms with over 100 possible configurations, offering more flexibility than any other system. Particular focus was given to the quality of the motion. We developed a unique weight compensating gas spring mechanism which can be tuned for a variety of monitor weights; delivering smooth, consistent movement. Incorporating maximum modularity without compromising function or aesthetics was a key goal. Interchangeable parts enable users to grow or shrink the system, tailoring to specific requirements. Innovations include a patent pending central collar grip - allowing arms to be placed where necessary - as well as a slider offering 9.5” of additional horizontal adjustment. ESI were the first to develop a patented slider. Kata is a work tool used for extensive periods. With this in mind, a clean quiet aesthetic was applied. We wanted to relay a sense of modernity and focus, stripping all unnecessary details. Except for those which require access, there are not visible fixings. A discreet gauge eases installation, saving time and money - especially helpful for large installations. Kata is fully recyclable and engineered to be easily separated.