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空總臺灣當代文化實驗場C-LAB-都市美學公園 C-LAB Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab – Urban Art Park


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Taiwan臺灣

Company/Group 太研規劃設計顧問有限公司

Designer SHU-YUAN, WU、 何品儀( SHU-YUAN, WU、 PIN-YI, Ho)


本次的拆除圍牆計畫,順應著自然洪流,園區正在悄悄蛻變中。仁愛路林蔭大道為都市重要綠帶,都市之肺,原寬度即有100米,現加上拆除圍牆後30米寬的新連續綠帶,總寬達130米,幾乎已是法國最華麗的香榭麗舍大道的兩倍寬了。 設計初衷藉由拆除圍牆,來打破原有的嚴肅空間,並藉由壯麗的的群把原本因圍牆分隔的空間融為一體。破與不破之間,我們創造了多種可能性,保留與老樹共生的圍牆;直線性的人行通路,利用植栽穴的微調,增加了幽靜的口袋空間,頭頂上方則為現地保留的大樹樹蔭,讓人們舒適的乘涼;用曲線自然的引領流動與半流動的動線,串聯各種可能性,讓活動在這裡發生,讓人在此相遇。 植栽設計方面,現地有20顆受保護樹木,包含了榕樹及南洋杉..等等,除此之外尊重現地喬木,也盡可能將其他喬木保留下來,包含了樟樹、龍柏、桑樹…,植栽有著時代的痕跡,將這樣的記憶保留下來。另外我們灌木選擇了耐陰的蕨類作為樹下的覆層,解決一般常見大樹下植栽生長不良的情況,基地鄰近於建國花市,我們也試著利用植栽作為花市的延伸,選擇了許多香草類植栽,除了視覺感受更多了五感體驗,不僅是一個公園,也是市民的療癒基地。

The wall demolition project slowly transforms the park. The boulevard of Renai Road is an important green belt and also the lungs of the city. The original 100 meter wide road plus the extra 30 meter wide green belt where there were walls is nearly two times wider than the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in France. The stereotypical image of Air Force Command Headquarter is the high walls and heavy-fortified. Sitting by the flourishing Camphor forest on Renai Road, the Air Force Command Headquarter induces a mystical atmosphere. You can see the buildings of the period, the fort hidden in the trees, the banyan trees growing with the time and the walls almost cracked by the tree roots. As time goes by, the rise of new ideologies gives rise to the decline of old ideologies. It used to be a symbol of power and increasingly has the mark of nature. The seeds carried by the wind grow out of the building and weeds also sprout up the pavement. By taking down the walls, the design is originally in an attempt to make the space more visually lively. The magnificent trees are used to bring the separate spaces together. We create possibilities by manipulating remove-if-not and keep the walls where some old trees grow. Adjusting planting holes by the sidewalk creates quiet space pocket where people can also enjoy the cool under the shade of trees. The horizontal curve leads the traffic flow naturally to connect all possibilities, involving the activities and bringing people together. In terms of the planting design, we preserved 20 trees, including Banyan tree, Hoop Pine and other types of trees. In addition to the original arbor, we try our best to preserve other arbors, including Comphor Tree, Dragon Juniper, Mulberry and etc. We keep the trees because planting has historical traces. On the other hand, we plant ferns under the trees to make use of the poor growing conditions. Because the base is near the Jianguo Holiday Flower Market, we also try to use planting as the extension of the flower market. Planting herbs stimulates all senses of people. It is not only a park but also a comforting place for citizens. Also, according to different types of performance holding in Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) we design different fields, like a field assigned to 2-3 people for chatting, a field to 10-15 people for busking, a field to 50-100 people for Grassland Music Festival or becoming an extension of the interior exhibition. It is also the site for the event “Future Bricks II /Deconstruction and Reconstruction” held by DMO. The meaning of design is to make life more wonderful. We keep looking for more extra spaces to create more possibilities and provide an organic and linear space in the city.