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XpreSole Panto


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Taiwan臺灣

Company/Group 馳綠國際股份有限公司 Ccilu international Inc.

Designer 許智仁 、許佳鳴 、 張敬賢 、劉善驊 、 郎柏森( Steve Hsu ,Wilson Hsu 、 Joseph Chang 、 Alvin Liu 、 Perry Lang)


外層:防水;由XpreSole特殊研發的複合物製成,內含用過的咖啡渣、最高品質及超輕便EVA戶外旅行雨衣。襯裡:XpreSole的針織面料,內含咖啡紗和聚酯纖維;氣味控制/吸濕/快乾/環保。 鞋內底:由XpreSole網線覆蓋的Ortholite泡棉; 輕量/即刻舒適/永續耐用性。鞋外底:防水;由XpreSole特殊研發的複合物製成,內含用過的咖啡渣、最高品質及超輕便/柔軟/高彈性/高抓力EVA戶外旅行雨衣,包覆於高性能橡膠墊內。外層+襯裡+鞋內底+鞋外底 = 一雙完美的XpreSole Panto雨鞋!十杯咖啡 = 一雙無與倫比的XpreSole Panto雨鞋。 當進行丟棄和掩埋時,SCG混合物會同時排放出二氧化碳(CO₂)及甲烷。甲烷是造成全球暖化的主要溫室氣體,而每噸甲烷造成全球暖化的威力,比二氧化碳高出28倍。以平均每年沖泡8500億杯咖啡來說,人類可創造出250公斤的SCG氣體混合物。對於納稅者而言,SCG氣體混合物更進而產生運作及維護垃圾掩埋場所需之龐大的財務成本。XpreSole為Ccilu Footwear所研發的最新環保技術,充分體現品牌欲透過全面回收之生態系統實現地球永續發展和環境保護的願景。經過三年的努力,Ccilu研發團隊終於打造出XpreSole 技術。該技術的首度亮相便是將用過的咖啡渣(SCG)轉化成芳香的製鞋材料。

Shell: Waterproof; made from a special XpreSole compound containing spent coffee grounds and the best quality and super lightweight EVA. Lining: XpreSole knitted fabric containing coffee yarn and polyester; odor control/moisture-absorbing / fast dry/eco-friendly. Insole: XpreSole mesh covering the Ortholite foam; lightweight/instant comfort / sustainably made. Outsole: Waterproof; made from a special XpreSole compound containing spent coffee grounds and super lightweight/flexible / high-resilience / great-grip EVA, covered by high-performance Rubber pads. Shell + Lining + Insole + Outsole = A pair of perfect XpreSole Panto rain boots! 10 cups of coffee = A pair of perfect XpreSole Panto rain boots. When discarded and landfilled, SCG emits not only Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) but also Methane - a greenhouse gas that contributes significantly to global warming - which is 28x more harmful than CO₂. With 850 billion cups of coffee poured each year, the human being creates 25 billion kilos of the SCG. The SCG also contributes towards a huge financial cost on taxpayers of running and maintaining the landfills. XpreSole, the latest green technology developed by Ccilu Footwear, embodying the brand's vision for sustainability and the protection of Mother Earth through the development of an entire recycling ecosystem. The result of a three-year endeavor by Ccilu's R&D team, XpreSole - in its first iteration - recycles spent coffee grounds (SCG) into aromatic footwear material.