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Heilbronn in motion


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Germany 德國

Company/Group Studio Tillack Knöll, Nam Huynh, Schmutz und Partner

Designer ( Studio Tillack Knöll、 Nam Huynh、 Schmutz und Partner)



For the Federal Horticultural Exhibition 2019 in Heilbronn a central meeting point was to be created in the Forum Heilbronn. It was intended to be unique, atmospheric and at the same time informative. 10 swings, 2 times 10 monitors and 12 themes depicted the attractiveness of Heilbronn playfully and unconventionally. The ten swings, in connection with the monitors swinging with them above, opened up a new spatial dynamic and reflected the central idea of 'Heilbronn in motion'. The open space allowed the observation of the contents from any given position - standing or sitting on the podium, strolling through the room or actively on one of the swings. The ground was animated with atmospheric images and patterns, conveying a feeling of freedom and lightness. The reflecting roof surface projected the interior happenings outwards and aroused the curiosity of the guests.