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移動縫紉工作站 Sewing Cart


Prizes 評審團推薦獎 Judges’ Special Award;

Country/Region Taiwan臺灣


Designer 楊忻寧( Alin Yang)


在時尚產業的背後,其實隱藏著大量的紡織廢棄料。快時尚的興起更加速了廢棄布料的產生,然而這些浪費卻鮮少被社會大眾了解。紡織廢料除了大眾常知道的二手衣物外,其實還有瑕疵布、樣品布等還能夠再利用卻被拋棄的布料。 這個作品希望透過移動縫紉工作站,將布藝作品的製作像是一場表演過程展示給社會大眾。並非透過成品,而是透過接觸完整的製程,讓民眾了解廢棄布料可以如何被利用以及這些布料背後的來源故事。

Behind the fashion industry, a lot of textile waste is hidden. The rise of fast fashion has accelerated the production of waste fabrics. However, these wastes are rarely known by the general public. Except for the second-hand clothing, which is the wasted fabric that's commonly known by the public, textile wastes also include fabrics such as defective cloths and sample cloths that can be reused but discarded. This project hopes to use a portable sewing workstation in the form of a booth to bring the process of making fabric works outdoor. By showing the complete production process to the public as a performance, I hope to let the public understands how waste cloth can be reused. Meanwhile to promote the concept of sustainable fashion, and the source story behind the waste cloth.