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無限生跡 Protected species in Taiwan 2020


Prizes 評審團推薦獎 Judges’ Special Award;

Country/Region Taiwan 臺灣

Company/Group 2020台灣瀕危動物保衛小組

Designer ( Protected species in Taiwan 2020)


將真實動物足跡融入鞋底,加入動物圖像與棲地元素,打造十種台灣保育類動物鞋款。 「千里之行始於足下」藉由消費者邁出的步伐悄悄地將品牌理念融入日常並為瀕危動物發聲。 無限生跡:在有限的生命裡,創造無限的生跡。我們期許透過鞋底設計使動物的足跡遍佈,讓生活環境充滿生機,希望大家更重視動物保育議題,命名上我們運用「生機」與「生跡」的雙關語,希望用低調 、積極的取向來為動物說說話。而我們的品牌態度: 從「千里之行始於足下」出發,希望透過每個人小小的力量,集結成大大的能量,打造人人都能輕鬆好入手的鞋款,在日常踏出的步伐中悄悄地為動物們發聲。 我們想透過無限生跡的理念讓動物足跡遍佈生活角落,在日常中提醒人們動物的存在。我們以較輕鬆、休閒的角度切入議題,用日常用品「鞋子」作為載體。 當人們踏過水或泥土時,便可隱約看到這些動物足跡。 而鞋子也延伸出以下兩種涵義: 1.鞋子踏出的腳印:象徵動物出沒的足跡。 2.人們邁出的步伐:決定自我前進的方向、象徵一種選擇(可以選擇保護或是漠視 保育類動物的生命)。

To make ten pairs of shoes with distinctive characteristics of Taiwan protected species, we incorporate realistic animals’ footprints into our soles which add animal images and the element of habitats. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The reason why we draw on this saying is that we hope gradually accumulate and spread the idea about our brand to remind people of the existence of animals through the steps taken by consumers. We dedicate ourselves to the animal conservation and creating infinite prosperity of nature in Taiwan by our brand concept: one footprint with one belief. Furthermore, we hope the distance between human and endangered animals will be shortened. Therefore we incorporate realistic animals' footprints into our 10 soles which add animal images and the elements of habitats. When people step on water or mud, the animal footprints will remind people of the existence of animals. Using the marketing methods of limited-edition and popular 'crossover culture', we make our shoes having crossover with conservation animals, hoping to use this idea to speak for them. We look forward to the animal footprints from the designed soles spread all over our life with the idea of infinity, and remind people of the existence of animals in daily life gradually .Our perspective with casual way is more close to our life, therefore we use daily necessities 'shoes' as a media. The shoes also extends the following two meanings: 1. Footprints from the shoes: symbolize the footprints of animals. 2. Steps taken by people: determine the direction of self-advancement also symbolize a choice which people can choose to protect or ignore the life of protected species).