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站立宝 Standly Bao


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Taiwan 臺灣

Company/Group 站立宝

Designer 李明修 、胡睿中( Lee Ming Hsiu 、 Hu Jui Chung)


站立宝是一款為久站工作者設計的輔具,讓使用者擁有站立時的機動性 並維持良好的精神與姿勢。運用三點支撐達到讓下肢省力減壓的功效, 預防站姿變形。 站立宝的使用姿勢介於坐與站之間,底部的踏墊可掀起當作拉筋板或跨 腳板,開發更多工作姿勢的可能性,在休息與專注間找到平衡。

Standly Bao is a assistive device for workers who need to go through long period of standing, keeping them in fine standing posture and mental state, at the same time having the same mobility as standing. With three points pressure method, pressure of lower limbs can be reduced, thus keeping workers from developing wrong standing posture. When using Standly Bao, user rest in a position between standing and sitting. When the device is folded up, it gives back the space to narrow working space such as counters in bar or departmentstore. The matt at the bottom can be folded into a step that workers can use it to shift balance instead of staying in one position for long period of time, and the step can also be used to stretch lower limbs. With these feature, users can explore more postures when working, finding the balance between resting and working.