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The Big Mass


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Germany 德國

Company/Group Plastique Fantastique

Designer ( Yena Young、 Marco Canevacci)


The BIG MASS大塊叢裝置藝術 The BIG MASS大塊叢裝置藝術是一件由德國柏林Plastique Fantastique建築事務所過去的幾項作品所組成的拼貼藝術。此項新的集合藝術體將充氣的主體轉變成一吸氧生物體。此類造影的結果顯現出不同體積的內臟行為。建築成為一個由幾種獨立元素製成的複合主體,而這些元素需彼此相互仰賴以實現並打破任何幾何系統內的一般均衡狀態。每一套組皆於一個氣動的社會中運作,其千變萬化的群集都是以空氣為基底的組成單位。 廣場上的觀賞民眾可由透明的外層進入此件裝置藝術,於色彩繽紛的套組作品間穿梭,窺探每一個透明圓形罩並與呼吸空間進行互動。數學氣動套組經由氣流調節器控制,根據人的反應使空間要素產生彼此間交錯、結合及分離之動作。待疫情結束後,The BIG MASS大塊叢裝置藝術便會繼續旅行至世界各個城市角落,同時適應各種獨特的城市環境。 德國柏林Plastique Fantastique建築事務所為建築、設計和藝術之間的轉換賦予新的定義。 該建築事務所成立於西元1999年,受特殊情況的影響,城市變成臨時空間的實驗室,為限期活動探尋適應性強的可替代低耗能空間。一直以來他們嘗試用空氣和薄層創造碩大無比的巨型裝置藝術,並於全球各地設置展場。他們的作品曾於西元2019年第五十八屆威尼斯雙年展的威尼斯館中進行展出。 輕型透明的移動式裝置藝術與啟動、創造和分享公共空間,同時激發市民參與創造過程之概念有關。從各方面來說,它們都是由最簡易的結構組成:一塊兼具隔離和連結功能的薄層,將新的生命吸入城市,使無形的事物變為有形可見。 這些充氣裝置都是由空氣製成,而非塑膠。 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The BIG MASS大塊叢裝置藝術是Plastique Fantastique建築事務所的藝術設計作品。設計理念:Marco Canevacci及Yena Young。團隊成員:Stephanie Grönnert、Alma Lindenhovius、Julia Lipinsky、Sebastián Andrés Podesta、Lucas Sere Peltzer、Carsten Reith和Maria Turik。The BIG MASS大塊叢裝置藝術曾在西元2019年於斯洛伐克布拉提斯拉瓦的白夜藝術節亮相登場。策展人:Zuzana Pacáková。特別感謝:Karolína Doktoríková,獨霸一方的Biela Noc團隊和IN SITU歐洲地區藝術創作平台。www.plastique-fantastique.de

The BIG MASS The BIG MASS is a collage that consists of previous Plastique Fantastique works. This new ensemble transforms the pneumatic body into a breathing organism. The result is a sort of radiography which shows the visceral behaviour of different volumes. The architecture becomes a complex subject made with several independent elements that need each other to achieve and break the general equilibrium within any geometrical system. Every single volume is performing in a pneumatic society. Its ever-changing constellation is an air-based composition. The public in the square can enter the transparent outer layer, be squeezed between colourful volumes, peak into each bubble and interact with the respiring spaces. The mathematical pneumatic set is controlled by airflow regulators and plays with the human reactions so that spatial elements are intersecting, combining, and excluding each other. Once the pandemic is over, the BIG MASS will keep traveling to various cities in the world, adapting itself to the unique urban environments. Plastique Fantastique redefines the transitions between architecture, design and art. Established in Berlin in 1999, they are influenced by the unique circumstances that made the city a laboratory for temporary spaces and investigates alternative, adaptable, low energy spaces for ephemeral activities. They have been creating large scale, monumental installations made of air and film, with exhibition venues all over the world. In 2019 they played in the Venetian pavilion at the 58th Venice Art Biennale. The transparent, lightweight and mobile installations relate to the notion of activating, creating and sharing public space and involving citizens in creative processes. They are in many ways the simplest of structures – a skin that separates but also connects, that breathes new life into the city and makes the invisible visible. It is air which makes inflatables. Not plastic. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The BIG MASS is a Plastique Fantastique project. Concept: Marco Canevacci and Yena Young. Team: Stephanie Grönnert, Alma Lindenhovius, Julia Lipinsky, Sebastián Andrés Podesta, Lucas Sere Peltzer, Carsten Reith, Maria Turik. The BIG MASS has been presented on the occasion of the Biela Noc Festival 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia. Curator: Zuzana Pacáková. Thanks to: Karolína Doktoríková, the great Biela Noc Team and the IN SITU network. www.plastique-fantastique.de