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兒童模組船 Pony Boat


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Taiwan 臺灣


Designer 張秩齊( Chang_Chih_Chi)


位在越南的洞里薩湖有幾座漂浮的村落。有許多人生活在湖上,而因為這樣的環境,造就了他們較特別的生活方式。當處在豐水期時,船反而是他們最主要的交通工具,他們藉由船來完成許多事情像是捕魚、交易、上學等等,船隻成為他們在此處最重要的生活工具之一。 許多兒童在尚未學會游泳前是無法入學受教育的,他們不能承擔上學溺斃的風險,因此許多父母在會延遲他們的教育,直到八到十歲才能開始上學,也因此他們無法獲得完整的基本教育。 PONY是針對這群在學齡階段的兒童所設計的一套船組,希望能改善他們上學的安全問題。該船組在設計上採用模組化設計,能夠隨著使用者需求而改乘載數,在船體上設計也比一般木船更不容易傾翻,以符合安全、穩定的原則。

There are several floating villages in Tonle Sap, Vietnam. Many people live on the lake. Because of this environment, they have created a unique lifestyle. In the high water period, the boat is their most important means of transportation. They use the boat to complete many things like fishing, trading, going to school, etc. It is one of their most important living tools here. A lot of kids couldn’t enroll the school until they learned to swim, because of the risks of drowning, many parents delay sending their kids to school until they are eight to ten years of age, and hence many children don’t get a full primary education. PONY is a set of boats designed for children in the school-age, hoping to improve their safety on their way to school. The design of the ship is modular, and it can be changed according to the user's needs. The design on the hull is also less likely to be overturned than the general wood boat to meet the demand for safety and stability.