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Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Taiwan 臺灣


Designer 張鈺群( Yu Chun , Chang)


設計背景 為了滿足行動和康復的需要,輪椅和助行器是行動不便者必備的兩種輔助工具,但攜帶卻成了一大難題。 設計理念 輪椅與助行器合二為一,使用者可以透過簡單的操作將變換其外觀並另作它用,從而使整個使用流程和功能達到最佳配置。 輪椅模式 將座墊和腳踏部分朝自己放下來。此時,左右扣環會被觸發,並在彈簧的作用下打開車架。使用者只需坐在座墊上,握住輪子兩側的把手,前後推拉即可。需要剎車時,按下把手上的黃色部分即可。這是一款可獨立操作的產品。但如有需要,可以有人在後面幫忙推拉。此外,還有一個小凹槽可以掛上皮帶,讓使用更加便利。 行走模式 把座墊和腳踏板折疊起來,把手部分的藍色軸環拉起來鎖住剎車,就成了一個代步車。前兩腳是小輪,後兩腳是固定的大輪。 走路的時候,不需要用太大的力氣提起,就能順利行走。輪子附近有一個可調節高度的機構,可藉此調節到適當的高度。手柄部分採用矽膠緩衝,讓使用者在支撐時更感舒適。

Design background In order to meet the needs of mobility and rehabilitation, wheelchairs and walking aids are two necessary assistants for people with mobility difficulties, and carrying them has become a major problem . Design concept The wheelchair and the walker are integrated, so that the user can change it into another appearance for use with simple operation, and optimize the whole use process and function. Wheelchair Mode Put the seat cushion and foot pedal part down towards yourself. At this time, the left and right buckle rings will be triggered to open the frame with elastic spring. The user only needs to sit on the seat cushion, hold the handles on both sides of the wheel, push and pull them back and forth, and press the yellow part on the handle when the brake is needed. It's an independently operated product, but if necessary, someone can help push it in the rear. In addition, there is a small groove for hanging belt, which makes the user more convenient. Walker Mode When the seat cushion and foot pedal are folded up, and the blue collar of the handle part is pulled up to lock the brake, it becomes a walker. The front two feet are small wheels, and the rear two feet are fixed big wheels. When walking, you don't need to lift too much strength to walk smoothly. There is a mechanism that can adjust the height near the wheel, which can adjust the height appropriately. The handle part is buffered by silicon glue, so that the user can be more comfortable when supporting