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環境滅火器 Environment Fire Extinguisher


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region Taiwan 臺灣


Designer 陳柏允( Po-Yun,Chen)


環境滅火器 滅火器是公共場所以及住家必備的防災用品,但是通常滅火器的樣子無法融入環境。放在地上的滅火器常成為一個空間中突兀且擋路的存在。然而,火災發生時必須能快速找到且立即取用,因此滅火器不能藏起來或放在不方便取用的位置。 由於上述情況,想要設計一個可以裝在牆壁上並將其較醜陋的構造隱藏的滅火器,由牆壁的平面延伸作為主要造型,同時維持防災器具所要具備的容易發現和簡易使用的特性,讓空間中必備的消防設備不再是破壞環境一體性的多餘存在。 由一個鋼瓶作為主體,向上延伸出手把,用外側的架子遮住後方管線並將滅火器固定在牆上。後方掛勾可以固定滅火器。插銷與噴頭連結,拔起噴管的同時就會解鎖滅火器。握住手把稍微一提即可取下,拿到火源前將後面的噴頭拿下,便可以直接對準火源,按下握把噴灑。

Environment Fire Extinguisher The fire extinguisher is necessary equipment in the public area and some home. It can not assimilate into the environment. Fire extinguishers that put on the floor look strange and block the way. However, it needs to find and use very fast when a fire happens so it can not be hide or difficult to use. Due to the reason above, I want to design a new fire extinguisher that can put on the wall. This new equipment’s modeling extends from the wall surface. It also can hide the ugly parts. At the same time, it needs to maintain the characteristic of easy to find and use that fire extinguisher needs. Make the necessary fire-fighting equipment in the space no longer an unnecessary existence that destroys the integrity of the environment. The main body of it is a cylinder. Two cover pinch on top as grip. A-frame covers it to hide the pipes and set it on the wall. The hooks behind can set the main body to the frame. The plug is combined with the sprinkler. When pulling the sprinkler out, also unlock it.Lift the main grip can easily take it down. Bring it to the fire and take the sprinkler down. Aim to the fire and press the handle.