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拾云山房 Mountain House in Mist


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region China中國大陸

Company/Group Shulin Architectural Design

Designer 陈林、刘东英( Chen Lin、 Liu Dongying)


拾云山房位于武义的一个古村,古村是由当地一家旅游地产公司在做整体开发,书屋为开发建设内容的一部分,古村在没有开发之前,村里只有少部分留守的老人,村子已经基本处于空心状态,建造书屋是要改变古村的状态,希望当地村民也能够参与使用书屋,书屋一层架空,空间给村民休息喝茶聊天,二楼阅读室也对村民开放,村民空闲之时可以进去看书。同时希望有更多的年轻人回到村子,在村里当书屋的管理者,也吸引更多旅行者、游客、家庭带着小朋友能够来到村子,使用书屋,在里面安静的阅读看书,书屋作为文化的思想精神载体,服务当地村民也吸引外来游客,从而激活古村,让古村变得更有价值。 书屋融合传统文化和现代设计,传统材料的现代运用,传统屋顶形态的偏转变化,半透明卡布隆板在建筑外立面上的使用,白天,室内半透明的透光效果,晚上,书屋里面的光线会透出来,像一个灯笼,成为村子的视觉中心点。 书屋的造价不高,施工也是由当地村民参与,一方面增加了当地村民的收入,同时也让村民有参与感,使他们对古村产生更多的自信和信仰,让年青一代回归村子,继续传承。

The book house is located in an ancient village in Wuyi and was developed by a local tourism real estate company as a part of the development and construction. Before the development, only a few elderly residents live in this empty village. It was hoped that this book house could change the situation by bringing more visitors to it. The first floor is built on stilts to leave space for the villagers to rest, drink tea and chat. The second floor is also open for reading. It is hoped that more young people will return to the village and manage the bookstore, and attract more travelers, tourists, and families to bring their children to the village. As an icon for culture, he book house also invites people in and brings vigor and value to the old village. The Mountain House in Mist combines traditional culture and modern design through new application of traditional materials, transformation of the roof, and use of translucent polycarbonate board on the facade. In the daytime, light creates a translucent atmosphere indoor, while at night, the light sneaks out and the book house becomes a visual center like a lantern. The cost of is not high, and the construction is also participated by the local villagers. It has not only increased the income of the local villagers but also given them a sense of participation, so that they have more confidence in the village, and so that the younger generation can return to the village and continue to inherit .