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智能城市平衡车 ALL-WALKER


Prizes 優選 Distinction;

Country/Region China中國大陸

Company/Group 柯基犬设计

Designer 卜俊杰、温晓荷、梁雁雪、张健林( bu jun jie wen xiao he liang yan xue zhang jian lin)


我们许多人现在都生活在快节奏的城市生活中,“绿色出行”是我们提倡的生活方式。我们以环保,持续、智能为设计理念,设计出ALL -WALKER智能城市平衡车。ALL -WALKER具有多种形式,可以适应不同年龄层的人,也适用不同的环境。我们主要把平衡车、助步车与轮椅车进行整合设计,通过简单地装卸实现三种形态之间相互切换,一车多用,以满足用户的生活方式不断变化的需求。

Many of us now live in fast-paced urban life, and 'green travel' is the lifestyle we advocate. We have designed the ALL-WALKER smart city balance car with environmental protection, sustainability and intelligence as the design concept. ALL-WALKER has a variety of forms, can adapt to people of different ages, also suitable for different environments. We mainly focus on balancing cars and walking Cars and wheelchairs are integratedly designed to switch between the three forms by simple loading and unloading, and one car is multi-purpose to meet the changing needs of users' lifestyles.