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VERMI - Composting and Farming station
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VERMI is a self-sustainable, composting and farming solution for food waste disposal in urban households. VERMI is built on the system of vermiculture, meaning red worms take care of your organic waste. Worms living in the bottom part Vermi will literally eat your food garbage and turn it into a rich soil which can be instantly used in the top farming part of the station to grow vegetables on a small scale right inside your home. The aim of this solution is to reach as many people as possible and of all social classes. Compared to existing solutions on the market, VERMI is low-cost, low-maintenance and has zero to low-energy consumption (depends on the user). We are currently facing a global problem of food waste being over 30% of all produced food. Up to 45% of vegetable & fruits get spoiled even before they reach customers in retail. This is not only alarming due to the actual losses but also the contribution that food wastage has to emissions. Industrialized Asia maintains highest numbers from all regions in terms of carbon footprint tied to food wastage(2x higher than Europe) and has one of the highest rates in food wastage on pre-consumer level in the world. VERMI has built in IoT system and operates with an app which is able to control the temperature and suggest meal portions for the best possible functioning of worms even during cold winter months.User can turn this feature off and use VERMI flawlessly as an analog solution with zero energy consumption as well.
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