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BOTH SIDE雙向無障礙輪椅設計
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BOTH SIDE雙向無障礙輪椅設計,深度分析腿部殘疾人士生活問題,他們在使用輪椅過程中,比如上床、如廁和上車等日常生活行為,上下輪椅需要其他人幫助來完成。 BOTH SIDE雙向無障礙輪椅設計,專為腿部殘疾人設計,設計雙邊可旋轉靠背,既是腳託也是靠背,方便殘障人士在不需要他人幫扶的情況下利用手臂的力量自行上下輪椅。通過人機分析,手臂的支撐向後移動既省力又安全,該設計兼具實用性與創新性,給輪椅殘障人士的生活帶來極大便利。

BOTH SIDE Two-way barrier-free wheelchair design, depth analysis of the lives of leg disabled people, they use the wheelchair process, such as going to bed, toilet and on the train and other daily life behavior, upper and lower wheelchairs need someone else to help to complete. BOTH SIDE Two-way barrier-free wheelchair design, designed for leg-disabled people, designed bilateral rotatable backrest, both foot and back, to facilitate people with disabilities without the help of others in the case of the use of arm power up and down wheelchair. Through the man-machine analysis, the support of the arm back to move both effort and safety, the design of both practical and innovative, to the wheelchair life to bring great convenience.
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