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多數民眾搭乘公車時皆有相同的問題,遇到多輛公車同時進站,不易看到後方的公車號碼及路線,需要來回走動查看公車號碼,以免坐錯車或錯過要搭的公車。對於行動不便的年長者和小孩而言,此舉十分麻煩,在擁擠的候車亭也存在安全危機。Easily visible設計透過在公車遠端後視鏡上增加LED顯示屏,以便讓大眾能同時看到不同公車的車號,搭起來更加安全快捷。

There are the same problems when most people take the bus, encountered many bus stop at the same time, it is difficult to see the bus number and the rear route, to walk back and forth to see the bus number, so as not to take the wrong car or ride the bus to miss. For the elderly and children who are difficult to move, this is very troublesome, there is also a security crisis in crowded shelters. Easily visible design by Increasing LED display in the remote bus rearview mirror, so that the public can see the different bus number at the same time, set up a more secure and efficient.
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