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设计理念 现在的90后人群收入较低、居住空间狭小、爱网购、经常搬家、追求一定的生活品质,他们需要灵活多用、节约空间、便于运输、造型简约时尚的家具来提升生活质量。 设计阐述 双十书桌是针对90后人群生活特点而设计,以竹木材料为主,搭配黄铜,简约时尚,巧用榫卯,富有极强的视觉冲击力。双十书桌将美学和结构高度融合,结构上巧用榫卯连接和杠杆原理,产品本身没有任何金属连接件,徒手便能实现拆装。扁平化的设计,可以大大降低运输成本,很适合在互联网上销售。 详细尺寸:1400mm×70mm×720mm 重量:4.5kg 材料:集成竹或木材和黄铜 制造工艺:浇铸成型,木头切挫刨

Design Ideas 90‘s today are a group of people who have low income、small living place、online-shopping habits , and often move house and pursue high quality life. Therefor they need flexible-multipurpose、space-saving、convenient transportable、modern stylish furniture to improve life quality. Design state Double ten desk is designed for 90 people after the characteristics of the crowd to bamboo-based materials, with brass, simple fashion, clever use of tenon, full of strong visual impact. Double ten desk will be aesthetics and structure of a high degree of integration, the structure of the use of tenon connection and the principle of leverage, the product itself does not have any metal connections, hand can achieve disassembly. It’s flattening structural reduces cost in transportation increasingly, it’s especially fit for selling online. Detailed size: 1400mm × 70mm × 720mm Weight: 4.5kg Material: Integrated bamboo or wood and brass Manufacturing process: casting molding, cutting the wood cut
序號 Series number / 20999

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