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YOYOKE是一款可無限延展的城市電動助力自行車,自行車被分為三大模組,通過通用的銜接結構進行組合。YOYOKE自行車的前、中、後端都有拓展裝配口,可供裝載配件使用。不同配件模組具有不同的功能,但他們都有著統一的裝配接口。 儘管市場中有著各種各樣的自行車,但我們常常還需花費很多去改裝自行車來滿足我們自身的特殊使用需求。為何不可以通過租賃的方式來滿足不同的使用需求呢?YOYOKE基於自身的產品使用特徵,打造了一個社區內的自行車生態系統,來鼓勵更多人加入到自行車出行的隊伍中來。社區內每戶家庭可以在YOYOKE的官網上申請免費使用一輛基礎款的YOYOKE自行車,並且在有需求時可以租賃需要的其他自行車配件,當租賃該配件的費用達到一定數值時可以免費擁有該配件。對於不常使用的配件也可以放在YOYOKE的平臺上供同一個社區的居民以較低的價格租賃使用。 YOYOKE提供了一個可持續使用自行車的體驗,通過網絡平台,使用者可以租賃自行車及各種配件來滿足不同的使用需求,進而減少自行車生產的浪費,鼓勵使用者共享資源。

YOYOKE. is a smart electric city bike which can extend unlimited. YOYOKE. is divided into three parts, its assemble through the general structure of connecting. The front side ,the middle side and back side of YOYOKE are equipped with expanded assembly mouth, which is used for loading the accessories which have a uniform specification. Although there are all kinds of bicycles in the market,but we always spend a lot of money to make the bicycles meet our own needs.Why spend a lot when you can rent what you need? YOYOKE is an environmentally friendly community bike rental system. Check out a free bike and then rent bicycle accessories that meet your daily needs and express your lifestyle and personality. Even the accessories can be free of charge when the cost of renting the accessory reaches a certain value.  YOYOKE brings sustainability to the experience of using a bicycle. The user’s daily changing needs are met by this product concept and the system. YOYOKE also provide an environmentally friendly community bike rental system on the internet. The users no need to buy many different accessories, they can all be rented. It supports a positive attitude to decrease consumption and to encourage bike sharing.
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