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文博會我們在文化裡爆炸 - 華山文創園區紅磚區中,使用台灣產業界以回收玻璃循環經濟系統為人稱道的春池玻璃所製造的亮彩琉璃珠作為地坪鋪面的元素,在經過回收玻璃的收集、光選機選色、篩選機過篩,研磨機並經過高溫窯爐去銳角的過程中,將原本遭到民眾棄置的回收玻璃重製為具有光澤的透明玻璃碎,在展中民眾可以實際透過身體的觸覺,感受創意植入產業的轉型魅力,原本被棄置的玻璃廢棄品成為展場中一片循環經濟的發光海洋並「在過程中創造意義」。 本空間設計最引人入勝的部分,在於參與之所有民眾,皆對此亮彩玻璃珠感到興趣,在看到空間設計後,皆會迫不及待的進入此策展空間,想體驗用自己的雙腳踩在玻璃碎上的感受,無論年紀,都會駐足在此空間,並思考此材料的來源,讓人深入思考循環經濟背後的真正意義,因此在公共空間中,也隱含了社會設計的背後意義。

Design concept: The central concept of Spring Pool Glass circular economy is the ‘valuation of materials within a closed-looped system with the aim to allow for natural resource use while reducing pollution or avoiding resource constraints and sustaining economic growth. The circular economy aims to provide a better alternative to the ‘take, make and dispose dominant economic development model, leading to more sustainable development and a symbiotic ecosystem. Sustainable development requires balanced and simultaneous consideration of the economic, environmental, technological, industrial, and social aspects of a given economy or sector. Scenario: The curating design in public space design is fully using 100% recycling glass to be matrix. All of the public people who enter in the area will feel fancy and amazing, no matter they are children, adults even elders. Behind the space design, public people will start to think about where the material come from and they could understand that the meaning of this space design is circular economy, which is important concept. From waste to beautiful glass art stone, the material is more valuable than diamond because we don't need exploit our earth anymore, and also is well education for our next generation.
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