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樓高4層的梅溪書院文化館以「樓梯」為設計概念,就如閱讀後可以令人增長知識。 步進店內,先看到一條巨型的紅色樓梯,既可以陳列書籍,讀者亦可以坐在梯級上閱讀。樓梯的低部比表面小,塑造出尖角,令樓梯更富動態及速度感。設計師利用樓梯同時可坐亦可以看書的特色,吸引讀者漫不經心地邊看書邊向上走,鼓勵他們發掘文化館的不同空間。為文化館度身訂造的書架就好像垂直的樓梯,呼應著整個設計主題。 1樓為兒童繪本館,為了吸引小朋友的興趣,用色上也多了幾項元素,包括不同深淺度的紅色、深紅、深紫及藍色,令整體感覺更活潑跳脫,而書架就同樣以層層階級式設計。這一層有三個凹下去的位置,設有座位及地毯,營造一個猶如安在家中的悠閒空間。 2樓主要為展館及講堂,天花由兩種不同紅色、片狀的吸音板組成,有些含發光照明位置,座位由一片片吸音板疊成,地板物料乃上了紅色的混凝土。展架的形狀繼續呼應樓梯感覺,由不同的三角形展架堆砌而成,展館可以根據不同展覽的需要,自由組合出不同的配搭,作藝術、攝影或書籍等展示。最頂層同樣包括展覽空間,另外加上茶室。設計師特別加建天窗位置,把自然光透射於展覽空間。

Mezzi Master is a 4-storey cultural centre with a book shop and exhibition space. The theme, “staircase”, is a metaphor for the acquisition of knowledge through reading, it also echoes the Chinese name of Mezzi Master’s parent company, which means “stepping upwards”. The iconic enormous dark red sculptural staircase serves as a product display platform and seating for readers, encouraging readers to walk to other levels. The staircase itself is an art piece, the lower end of each step goes slightly inwards to create a richer and dynamic vibe. Custom-made bookshelves used in the entire shop also match with the theme of staircase, they look like the vertical version of stairs. As the first floor targets mainly at children, more colors were used in the design to vividly brighten up the whole space. There are three big sunken areas with seatings and carpet, which provide privacy for parents and children to read comfortably in a home-like environment. There are also café, classrooms for coffee workshops and a handicraft training area on this level. In the exhibition area, white prism-shaped stands are specially designed to match with the theme. They can be arranged in 4 ways for different types of exhibition. They can also be used to divide the exhibition space into sections. As they do not entirely block one exhibition area from another, the space is less confined and encourages visitors to move among exhibitions. There is another exhibition space and tea room on the top floor. Similar to the second floor, red acoustic panels and white prism exhibition stands are used. White custom-made track lights can be hung on the ceiling for specific exhibitions. Skylights allow natural sunlight to enter the exhibition space.
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