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P -Ruler 是一個為營造工程及策展規劃而設計的測量工具,利用簡單的光學投影原理,投影出清晰好讀的刻度並能切換單位的尺標在牆上、地上或目標物上,讓使用者能立即測得數據。使用方式即手電筒開啟後照明目標,快速容易。可依據需求,選擇不同功能的工具如:直尺、量角器及測距等,將常見的測量工具合而為一,輕便、設置簡單,讓師傅不用再攜帶繁重的多樣器具也不用爬上梯子就能遠遠地輕鬆判讀長、寬、高度、角度、面積及距離等數值。

P- Ruler is a new measuring tool, designed for building purposes and decorating exhibitions. With simple principles of optics, the projector shows data of a ruler on the wall or ground. It means you can get information of targets about length, angles, and distance immediately. During a construction process, it is difficult for workers who need to frequently go high on a ladder and hold a conventional long ruler to measure. The data on the ruler is also hard to read. However, P- Ruler shows a ruler on wall and enlarges the data. This lets workers read it easily. Additionally, P- Ruler integrates several common measuring tools into one.
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