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Kana-L west branch
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カナエル神奈川西支店は、ライフラインとしてプロパンガスを供給し、それをベースとしたリフォーム事業を展開する企業の支社兼ショールームである。民間企業の枠を超えて地域に根差した公共性のある建物となるように、4つの“つなぎ”を提案した。 “分断された風景をつなぐ”企業のブランドロゴを活かした「大小の住宅が集まり大きな建物をつくる」ことをコンセプトとし、住宅のスケール感を持ち、ロードサイドで埋没しない建物を計画した。 “内外をつなぐ”大小の家型を重ね、その重なりにより新たな家型がうまれる。グラデーショナルに内外が連続することで、入りやすい建物になる。 “地域のコミュニティをつなぐ”住宅設備機器や住宅リフォームの展示場を、「使える展示場」とし、料理教室などに活用することで、地域の交流の場となる。仕上げの一部には地元産の木材を利用し、森林保全やリフォームによる地元木材の活用促進をはかる。 “自然環境につなぐ”屋根の表面積と天井の高さを有効に活かして、環境負荷の小さな建物とする。夏は雨水による屋根面への打ち水や、ナイトパージにより、熱負荷を抑え、冬は太陽により暖められた天井付近の暖気を循環させ室内を温める。

Kana-L west branch This project is for building the showroom and branch office of a company that provides propane gas, and renovation construction services based on supplying essential utilities. Aiming to create architecture with a public character rooted in the local community so as to transcend the framework of a private corporation, four ways of “connecting” were proposed: 1. Connecting fragmented landscapes 2. Connecting inside and outside 3. Connecting local communities 4. Connecting the building to the natural environment Connecting fragmented landscapes Site of this building is along the national highway No. 246. Road width is widely traffic often. In addition, since the commercial facility is standing along the national highway, the town on the border of the road has been divided. So thought that is connecting the city by the building, the idea of "the magnitude of the housing constitute a large building gathering" was born. By using the company's logo in the shape of the building, made the iconic building. And connecting the landscape building has been divided with a sense of scale of the house that do not buried at the roadside. Connecting inside and outside Everyone inside and outside of continuity is important in order to go easy building. The size of the house type overlap, was considered a structure in which inside and outside are continuous in Gradation by nesting of house type. By internal and external relationship is ambiguous, it was entered easily building. Connecting local communities Local people the exhibition hall for housing equipment and house renovation is to make available to such as cooking classes. As well as exhibition hall in doing so, become a place of exchange of the region, the private sector of the building was considered to be proposed new exhibition hall that is publicly used. Connecting the building to the natural environment By effective use of the surface area and the ceiling of the height of the roof, and a small building of the environmental load. Summer, watering and to the roof surface due to rain water use, by night purge system that takes advantage of the ceiling height, reduce the heat load. Winter, warm the room to circulate the warm air near the ceiling that has been warmed by the sun.
序號 Series number / 19823

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