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DNA Habitat
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Technology expands exponentially. The course of development at first is very slow but over time, the pace of technological change is rapidly increasing. The evolution of technology is a reflection of the process that gave rise to our species. Our ancestors took tens of thousands of years to discover how to use the simplest stone tools. In the nineteenth century, the pace of civilization development was already much faster and its achievements could be compared to the achievements made by the human species for hundreds of years. However, in the first decade of the twentieth century, the progress that was made could be compared the progress of the entire nineteenth century. Right now, changes are happening so fast that soon we will no longer be able to predict how the resulting world will operate. After the reconsideration of many inherited paradigms in architecture, analogy between buildings and organisms is only becoming more and more evident. Buildings of XXI century are slowly becoming living beings, characterized by their own life processes, existing in symbiosis with its habitants. The notion of home being nothing more but a habitable building will be soon redefined. The project explores the idea of architecture without architect and researches possible ways of utilizing nanotechnology and molecular genetics in building construction. The resultant is an expandable and programmable structure based on the usage of carbon nanotubes wrapped with single-stranded DNA (SWNTs) and DNA computing.
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