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"XYZ Play-ing: city swing" XYZ嬉遊中-城市搖擺
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【遊樂】、【嬉戲】、【Having Fun】是多數人共有的核心記憶。 觀察到台北城市缺乏了大片柔軟的繽紛空間,彡苗空間實驗希望能夠藉由《XYZ嬉遊中-城市搖擺》的遊樂魅力,吸引熱鬧廣場中的人群,共同塑造輕快活力的城市氛圍。 當坐上單人及雙人鞦韆將自己盪向天空時,鞦韆的擺動牽引了如海浪起伏般的布幔;由城市大樓向下望去,更像是色彩斑斕中交錯運行的織布機,人群就在這個三維度的、動態的、遊戲感的片狀空間聚落中,交織出一片又一片的童心與快樂。 在嬉遊的同時,參與者能夠共同操作一個簡單的空間,將個人的體驗串連成此時、此刻、此地的群體共遊記憶,並且鬆動都市中巨大量體的單調及壓迫感,蕩漾出市民共享的「城市新體驗」。

Frolicking, playing, having fun, are mutual memories shared by many. We observed that Taipei City lacked a soft and colorful place, Seed SpaceLab, our studio hoped that the amusements of "XYZ Play-ing: City Swing" would be able to lure crowds and create a bustling and lively atmosphere in the city. When swinging through the air, sitting either by yourself or with a partner, the motion of the pendulum is as mesmerizing as the intervals of ocean waves. Standing upon a neighboring building and looking upon this sight, it is a tailored fabric of staggering colors. The crowd weaves together childhood amazement and awe, while sweeping through the three vectors (x,y and z) of the playing ground. During these activities, the participants form and operate a simple space, allowing personal experience and the memories of the group to be linked in a (chain). The mundane life of the city and its oppressiveness is loosened through each swing, and the "new city experience" is shared by its inhabitant.
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