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The FOLDABLE HALF DOME is a human scaled dome designed for emergency situations and outdoor events. In preparation for the powerful earthquake predicted to occur in the near future in Tokyo, there is strong demand for ideas for a personal shelter that provides private space for evacuees. The shelter we propose provides a private space full of light in disaster situations. In a non-emergency situation, it is convenient during outdoor events. Its inviting half-open dome form attracts people, giving it a focal character. The half dome can be easily set up on the occasion of emergency or events, and can immediately be flattened when the occasion is over. The half dome is made of pieces of lightweight and highly rigid resin board. Grooves incised in a regular pattern by heat make each part of the board foldable in one way. This allows us to erect the 2.5m high half dome just by pulling up its center. The dome occupies 1.2 square meters only when flattened. Thus it is portable by hand. Despite the dome's translucent light-passing material, its is highly resistant. When subject to a wind speed of 10metres/second, its horizontal deformation is only 10cm.
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