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komorebi lets you curate natural lighting experiences indoors. Buildings are taller than they have ever been, creating a place to live for as many people as possible on the tiniest land possible. Homes become a place of isolation from the outside - windows are absent or so small that even the idea of nature disappears, and lighting has become so artificial that there is no sense of day, time or place anymore. As indoor sunlight is becoming scarce, the need for technological nature increases. With a growing global population and urbanisation levels reaching huge rates, fewer living spaces are able to receive direct sunlight. Attempts at solving this issue are very static. Intensity and colour are the only way in which the light is dynamic. komorebi is programmable, it can change shape, location and interact with its environment. The first aspect is a dynamic projector that is able to change the location of the light. This projector is informed by a platform where people can upload light experiences that can then be inserted in their living space. Thirdly the projection itself is a computer generated visual that simulates artificial sunlight. Thanks to the code-based nature of the light, a generative aspect is added to the experience, which makes it serendipitous. This serendipity is an important aspect of the technology, which brings it closer to real nature, rather than repetitive artificial lighting. komorebi video: https://vimeo.com/222447061 Project website: www.komorebi.studio
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